Each year approximately 3,400 pounds of materials are recycled at Great Parks. This includes aluminum cans, plastic bottles, tires (more than 500 per year!), oil, anti-freeze, etc.

Since 2014, Great Parks has partnered with Cohen Recycling to collect holiday lights for recycling. On average, 1,000-1,500 pounds of lights were recycled each year. In 2018, thanks to a whole lot of help from the community, more than 11,000 pounds of holiday lights were collected. That’s 5.5 TONS saved from the landfill!

In 2019, Great Parks received a grant from the Can’d Aid Foundation to develop a zero waste program. This effort is changing how Great Parks manages recyclable materials, compostable food, and trash at community events.

Learn more about Great Parks’ green initiatives at greatparks.org.