There are approximately 68.4 million gallons of water in Sharon Lake. We calculate that number by multiplying the square footage of the lake (1,524,600 sq. ft.) by an average depth of 6 feet to find the cubic feet. Then, multiply cubic feet (9,147,600 cf) by 7.48 gallons per cubic foot. Was your guess close?

Sharon Lake was developed in 1936 by the Works Progress Administration to provide recreation for residents and visitors. See photos of the lake under construction and the early years on our Facebook page.

Wondering why Sharon Lake is looking a little green? Like most reservoirs, Sharon Lake needs a good cleaning up, often called a dredging, every once in a while. Sharon Lake was last dredged in the late 1980s. For more information about the current state of Sharon Lake, go to or check out this video by Great Parks.